: Uber loses challenge over English language tests for London drivers

The Judgement over TfL’s English Language Test

 The ride-hailing company Uber drivers in London will be required to pass an English language exam, after a court ruled against Uber in a decision announced on 3rd March 2017.Under the regulations, all private-hire drivers will have to pass an English language exam to receive their license, or provide other documentation.

The taxi app argued that Transport for London’s controversial rules requiring drivers to take writing and reading tests will lead to “indirect racial discrimination”.High Court Judge, John Mitting, on 3rd March rejected the app’s claims.But Uber said the standard of the tests were too high and that TfL was threatening the livelihood of around 30,000 drivers.

But TfL argued the requirements are necessary for customer safety and public protection.Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, said in a statement that he was “delighted” with the ruling.Mr Justice Mitting, presiding over the case, admitted that the requirement could see 40,000 drivers over three years either fail the test or be deterred from applying for a private hire vehicle licence.

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Uber loses challenge over English language tests for London drivers


Uber loses legal battle over TfL’s controversial English language tests


Uber drivers will be forced to learn English after new legal ruling