: Uber loses court case to block English-language test in London

Uber loses court case to block English-language test in London


Ride-hailing app Uber has lost a high court case in a ruling that means all minicab drivers in London will have to pass a written English test including a short essay.

The judge, Mr Justice Mitting, admitted that this could cost the capital 40,000 cab drivers over three years but said Transport for London had no option available to it that was less restrictive. The San Francisco-based app will appeal against the ruling.

Uber won a separate part of the case that would have seen it forced to operate a telephone call centre to field passenger complaints.

It also defeated a third requirement by TfL that drivers should have minicab insurance even during periods when they are not working.

Uber launched legal action in August after TfL said that drivers should have to prove their ability to communicate in English, including to a standard of reading and writing that Uber said was too high.

“TfL are entitled to require private hire drivers to demonstrate English-language compliance,” said Mitting as he rejected Uber’s claim.

SOURCE: https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2017/mar/03/uber-loses-court-case-english-language-test-london