Food Safety in Manufacturing Level 2

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Hamlets Training Centre’s Food Safety in Manufacturing Level 2 training course provided by Highfield is designed for people working in a food manufacturing role, this course is written by food safety expert Richard Sprenger, meets all legal and mandatory training requirements.

Protect your staff, your company and your customers

Food safety is a constant concern for the public. It’s important your employees understand their roles and responsibilities.

Introduction to food safety

  • Ensure knowledge of food safety among all staff is at the required level

Combat microbiological hazards

  • Understand microbiological hazards and how to manage and reduce them

Prevent Food poisoning

  • Get to grips with how food poising occurs, and the measures needed to avoid it

Control contamination hazards

  • Learn the essentials on contamination control and how to implement preventative measures

HACCP from delivery to service

  • Learn the management system that analyses and controls food safety hazards

Address personal hygiene

  • Food handlers have a responsibility to observe high standards of personal hygiene

Food premises and equipment

  • Ensure your premises and equipment are prepared and ready to pass inspection

Handle cleaning and disinfection

  • Improve knowledge of how to effectively clean and disinfect your food preparation areas

Control pests

  • Don’t let pests become a menace, find out how to prevent a pest problem

Food Safety Enforcement

  • Be ready with policies and procedures to enforce the highest level of food safety

Why should I choose this course?

This course is ideal for those who work in a catering environment. This may include restaurants, cafes, hotels, bars, fast-food outlets, takeaways, mobile food trucks, kitchens, hospitals, schools and colleges.

We also offer Infection Prevenetion and COVID-19 Secure courses to help improve the overall safety of you employees and customers.

Why choose Hamlets e-learning?

The use of interactive quizzes and simulation tasks, based on realistic scenarios from genuine workplace environments, means E-Learners can more readily acquire skills and knowledge meaningful to their own work-based practices.

E-Learning can accommodate many different learning styles and can engage the learner via a range of rich and stimulating approaches, which are more relevant to the subject requirements, than can often be achieved in normal classroom-based learning.

Hamlets Training Centre is registered as an approved centre with Highfield Awarding Body for Compliance; a global leader in regulated and work-based learning qualifications. Highfield is regulated by Ofqual, Qualifications Wales, SQA Accreditation, the Council for the Curriculum, Examinations and Assessment (CCEA), and the Security Industry Authority (SIA).

Highfield is also recognised by the Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) as an apprentice assessment organisation (AAO) and registered on the Register of Apprentice Assessment Organisations (RoAAO).

Hamlets Training Centre is a registered Training Centre based in London Borough of Tower Hamlets (Tower Hamlets Council). As a national training provider we are offering this online Food Safety in Manufacturing Level 2 eLearning course to our partners and clients. Hamlets Training Centre is approved by the Highfield Awarding Body to offer its e- learning and accredited courses.

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