Food business operators or anybody involved in food preparation, food supply or hospitality whether employed or self-employed, working in restaurants, care homes, day care centre, hospitality, fast food outlets, takeaways, etc. must undertake food hygiene/ food safety training to meet the legal requirement.

Food Safety training for your business

Level 2 Award in Food Safety for Catering (RQF)

Our Food Safety courses are delivered by qualified  tutors  who have extensive experience of training food handlers and coaching managers who are new to the food industry .When you book our Food safety training course, you receive a set of in-depth training materials, including slides, activity sheets, textbooks and test sheets.

Only £50.00 p/p

If group bookings are required for a specific work place the Level 2 Award in Food Safety for Catering (RQF) course can be tailored to meet your workplaces specific advice needs. Please contact us directly on 0207 3772120 to book a course in your place with a discounted price.


From the beginning to end, the service from Hamlets Training Centre was first class. We had a arranged a visit for all our staff to be trained for Level 2 Food Safety; I cannot thank Mr. Jamal Ahmed highly enough. He communicated and internacted in such a way that not only easy to learn, but also my colleagues & I actually enjoyed learning! Mr. Jamal Ahmed is a fantastic course trainer and I would recommend him to all my colleagues in the restaurant industry, I am looking forward to more courses in further high level training. Thank you!

Safwaan Choudhury, British Raj Express
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Who should attend the Food Safety?

This course is suitable for anyone who prepares or handles food or is involved in the management of such people in a catering environment.

Catering  workers handling food in a catering role. This course is  suitable for those who are likely to be working in a catering environment such as; the food handlers working in restaurants, takeaways, bars, cafes, fast food outlets, kitchens, hospitals, hotels, prisons, education establishments and home caterers require this qualification.

Manufacturing –workers in the manufacturing and the production of food and drink.

Retail – workers in a retail environment in which food is available. Delivery drivers, home delivery workers or those in a similar role should attend this course.

How long is the Food Safety course?
One day

Is the Food Safety course accredited?
All our food safety courses are accredited by  Highfield Awarding Body, Chartered Institute of Environmental Health CIEH, British Safety Council or the Qualifications Networks.

When does my Food Safety certificate expire?

Duration : 1 day

Level 3 Award in Supervising for Catering (RQF)

Our Level 3 Award in Supervising for Catering Training Course provides a detailed understanding of food safety procedures, highlighting the importance of monitoring staff and controls.

Only £250.00 p/p

Who needs this qualification?
Individuals who operate in a supervisory role in the workplace, including managers, chefs, restaurant and takeaway owners, and supervisors in small, medium or large catering, manufacturing or retail businesses  need to attend this course . Particularly relevant for those who have to develop or monitor HACCP – based food safety management procedures and systems.

Why is this training important?
Employers are legally obliged to provide training. Everyone working in a supervisory position in the food business is not only responsible but also accountable for food safety. It is therefore vital they are prepared with both the knowledge and confidence to do their job effectively with the Level 3 Award in Supervising for Catering (RQF).

Benefit of the course  
• The ability to implement and supervise a food safety management system.
• Understand food safety procedures.
• Comprehend the concept of food hazards and the risks associated with them.
• Recognise the terminology with respect to supervising food safety.
• Appreciate the techniques involved in controlling and monitoring food safety.
• Rise the risks linked to cross contamination.
• Understand the role temperature has to play in the control of food safety.
• Grow the importance of supervising high standards of cleanliness in food premises.

Three-day programme

Why train with Hamlets Training Centre?

  • Outstanding Learner Support
  • Flexible learning at your convenience
  • Cost effective
  • Fast easy access
  • Accepted by Local Authorities
  • Learn at your own pace
  • Meets UK / EU Legal requirements
  • Group Discounts

Need a Food Hygiene Certificate?

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I enjoyed my Level 2 Food Safety training with Hamlets Training Centre very much. The staff were friendly and my teacher was great and informative. I recommend everyone to come and do their course with Hamlets Training Centre. I will also be doing my Level 3 Food Safety training soon.

Md Sayed Rahman, Indian Restaurant

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    Level 2 Award in Food Safety for Catering (RQF)

    Fee: £50.00 per person

    Duration: 1 DAY
    Time : 10:00- 17:00

    Result: On the same day
    Certification : Within 5 working days

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